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About Lara

In 2002 I began my trip into the world of the healing arts by enrolling in the Integrated Deep Tissue program at the Atlanta School of Massage. There, I combined my knowledge of body movement, from my gymnastics career, with Eastern and Western massage modalities to create my own version of healing.

Since then, I have begun to add more flavours to my work, which includes Bio-Energetic healing*, Integrated Release Techniques*, Yoga, Herbal therapies, and Cupping - with more additions on the way.

In addition to being a massage therapist, I am also a yoga instructor and a professional coach (gymnastics and personal growth).

I love being active and participating in sports, and my goal is to keep my clients as active as they want to be.

*These are techniques developed by Daniella Simina (Bio-Energetic), Ira Wikel/Pat Barnes (IRT)


Why WillowBrook?

Multi-modality treatment

I'm not just a licensed massage therapist. I'm also a yoga instructor, personal coach, and a professional sports coach.

Each of those disciplines provides me with knowledge and insight that I am willing to pass on wherever applicable. When you schedule a session with me, you gain access to all of my knowledge.

Stress-free office space

My office is not a high flow traffic area. Each client will find that they can arrive early and relax or if they're running a little late they can still receive the entire length of their appointment time.


In addition to a private office centrally located in Buckhead proper. I am also mobile with in-home and online options.

I serve the north metro Atlanta area suburbs - South Cherokee, North Fulton, Cobb.

Flexible Schedule

I offer morning, afternoon and weekend options. As well as after-hours options.

Each appointment is booked by time, not by modality. I offer flat rates, should you arrive and find you need a different type of session.

Online scheduling is also available.


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Individual In-Office rates:
Manual Bodywork
30min: $45
60min: $70
90min: $115

60min: $65
90min: $95

Bioenergetic Healing (remote sessions available)
Consultation session (90 min): $120
Follow-ups: (60 min): $90

$200/mth (SC & Mil* disc: $150)
This membership is for 4-60 minute sessions per month, to start.  This is particularly useful for people who need to come every week to treat a specific issue, but need shorter sessions.

$300/mth (SC & Mil* disc: $250)
This membership is for 4-90 minute session per month, to start.  This is particularly useful for people who need to come every week and have multiple issues that need to be addressed.

Integrated Deep Tissue Series: $950
This is a 10 session+consultation membership that can be broken up into monthly payments. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or monthly, depending on the recovery period needed by the client. The maximum spacing recommended is 1 session per month, minimum spacing is 1 session per 2 weeks. Each session is a minimum of 90 minute hands on with 15 minutes of evaluation before and after (total: 2 hrs).

This session consists of evaluating the imbalances within the body and working to open restrictions that inhibit otherwise natural motion.

Maintenance sessions are 60 minute hands on with 15 minutes of evaluation before and after (total: 1.5 hrs). $125

*Must provide current military status

Out-Call Rates:*:
1 hr session: $110
1.5 hr session: $130

60min: $100
90min: $120

*requires 2 in-office appts and within a designated radius of the office. Also available for North Fulton and Cherokee County areas. Drive fee is included.

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What Our Clients Say

"Incredible massage, I won't go anywhere else."

J. Smith

Phoenix, AZ

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